The greatest Commodore 64 Games (other than Jumpman)

I know, your thinking his first real post is on Jumpman and the second is more C64? Yeah well its on my mind and if I don’t get it down now it may be lost forever.  So here we go!

1. Blue Max

In Blue Max you get a small bomber and are tasked with bombing the hell out of the German countryside.  If you do this well enough you are rewarded with a bombing run of Berlin itself.

As you fly around you get to target roads, bridges, vehicles, airstrips, military bases and more.  Armed with a machine gun and 30 bombs you must simply destroy everything you can without crashing or getting shot down by enemy aircraft or artillery.  When you take damage any number of plane systems could be knocked out, limiting your ability to fire, drop bombs, or maneuver.

The only flaw I remember is that you really never know when or if you would actually get to see Berlin.  It was totally random, sometimes it was easy and you got there with little effort, sometimes you could be an hour in thinking “WTH did my plane get lost?”

The challenge factor was very high, you had all of one life, and any number of small silly things could kill you.  When your fuel got low you had to land on an airstrip to refuel and reload bombs.  During this time a dirty kraut plane could (and often did) just fly right above you and drop his own bomb ruining your day.

2. Spy vs Spy

The ultimate battle, Black vs White.  The goal was to find your travel documents and passport before your enemy spy and get to the plane.  You could set an wide variety of booby traps to ensnare your foe.  I can recall attaching guns to the door handle and putting buckets of acid above the doorjam.  If worse came to worse you could always duke it out in a good ol fashioned knife fight.  Each death came with a funny animation followed by an angel ascending from the deceased and your spy giggling to himself.

One of the first real split screen multi-player games I can recall, it let you out spy your closest friends.  I remember a few sleepovers where we shot, dropped acid on and stabbed ourselves (virtually) all night.

3. Decathlon

Remember the Atari Trackball?  I sure do, I must have worn the thing out slamming it for more speed in this classic.  With skill and determination you had to navigate your way through the 10 events of the decathlon, slamming the ever loving hell out of the trackball to make your men move.

Also a great multi-player game, but if you were like me and only had one trackball, it sucked to be the one without it.  The Joystick controls had you rocking the stick back and fourth for speed, at about one tenth the effectiveness of the trackball.

4. Summer Games I and II

The greatest thing about summer games was the fact it saved your records.  It lead to me spending many an hour trying to beat my brothers diving and vault scores.  It also had brief anthems for all countries, as well as the fictional country Epyx from which I always hailed.

5. Strip Poker

I was about 10 when I discovered this gem in my brothers desk.  Horrifyingly terrible graphics and a cheap game engine that was not about to let you see pixels of naughty bits did not stop me from beating every girl and seeing the goodness.  It wasn’t all that great, in fact it was outright terribad, but the pure excitement and the rush of maybe getting caught has this one on the list.


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