Basketball was played last night, or so I’m told

I love me some sports, and this time of year is torture.  My Pens got ousted from the playoffs way to soon, the Pirates are so terrible I won’t mention them again, and I hate the NBA.  I love basketball, its the one sport I can just go out in my driveway and play.  The Mountaineers run to the Final Four will live in my memories forever.  The NBA is not basketball.  Looks more like soccer to me, flopping, posturing for calls.

I was excited to watch game 1, I have nothing else going on at the moment, I have parts of most of the playoffs because I like basketball that much. I’m always disappointed but I watch anyway. So here we go Game 1 of the Finals, can’t ask for much more than Boston, LA right? I watched a portion of the first half… and fell asleep. There was no passion or hunger in that game, just two teams going through the motions, trying to get the refs to call fouls on one another. I saw Bynum drive the ball to the rack in a couple possessions and toss up some hopeless garbage, just trying to draw fouls. Then freaking Paul Pierce, man he has a nice stroke, when he uses it instead of pump faking and leaning in. Sweet mother of god how many times can one man pump fake and lean in. The rule the NBA really needs is if you pump fake and then jump into the defender its a foul on your dumbass for being stupid enough to jump into the dude who is obviously right there.

Lakers won I guess, but who cares. Did get a shot of Jerry West in the crowd, by far my highlight of the night.  Here is a of West and Kobe from February, its the only fair use pic I could find.
NBA 2010 - Los Angeles Lakers Beat Charlotte Bobcats 99-97

Game 2 is probably on Saturday, but the way the NBA does things it could be next Wednesday.


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