Notre Dame, pick a league, end the madness

December 27, 2008: West Virginia's Mascot leads the Mountaineers onto the field at the Meineke Car Bowl at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. The West Virginia University Mountaineers defeated the University of North Carolina Tar heels 31 to 30 Photo via Newscom

Considering my school, West Virginia, is one of those with the most to lose in the conference chaos about to ensue, one would think I would care more about it.  As with most things in life, its going to happen with or without my blessing so I’ve done my best to not worry about it.  I was really not expecting the Pac 10 to go buck wild and offer the entire Big 12 south entry.  This changes everything.  Well sort of…..

Notre Dame is the fly in the ointment, and Texas is the 800 pound gorilla in the room.  If  ND goes Big 10, they have their 12th, all speculation around Nebraska and Mizzou disappears, and Texas can sit back all fat and happy and stay in the Big 12.  If ND says no thanks to the Big 10, then and only then will the excrement hit the fan.  Suddenly the question of what happens to the Big East hardly registers on the radar as its the Big 12 that will be torn apart.

There is no use going over any more than that.  Notre Dame holds all the cards in the College Football universe, and I’m sure this makes them happier than a pig in crap on a hot summer day.  For you see, with a lack of titles since 1988, this is the only way they can fuel their sense of self importance.  And so we are left waiting for a bunch of jerks in board rooms to decide the fate of the greatest american sport.

All in all i’m not worried, West Virginia could well land in the ACC or SEC after all the madness (if the ACC still exists, the SEC may swallow them), and that works for me.  Either way no one has asked my opinion, which is to keep everything the same and make a 2+1 title game format, but if they need it I’m here.


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