Retiring Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden takes a ride off the field after coming from behind to defeat West Virginia 33-21 in Jacksonville, Florida January 1, 2010. It was coach Bowden's final game. UPI/ Mark Wallheiser Photo via Newscom

Bobby: See ya suckers!

The horseman have appeared, the rivers are running red with blood, dogs and cats are getting along, ITS THE END TIMES. Bobby got while the gettin’ was good. First the NCAA actually punished USC. Like for real, a two year bowl ban is a million times more than I thought they would get. The NCAA tends to treat its power programs with kid gloves in this situation, the fact that they came up with a punishment with teeth is astounding.

Second WVU gets a new AD, finally the Pastilong era has an expiration date. Don’t get me wrong, Eddie P did some fantastic things, but it was his time to bow out and let the next guy take it home. Oliver Luck was a dream pick I had not even let myself consider. It shows President James Clements does more than talk a good game, and the era of hiring the most qualified relative for the big administrative jobs is finally over.

Then the Pac10 just up and freaking took Colorado. Pretty much out of nowhere. Sure we knew they kinda wanted them, but how did this happen so fast? Even in the era of instant communication, things of this nature tend to take months, years, decades even. This all happened within a week. The Big 12 took its first salvo, but the big munitions are still coming. Texas and A&M to the Big Ten? Huh? TMZ, i mean what the hell TMfarkingZ, is reporting we will see Oklahoma State go to the Pac 10 next. Nebraska is on the verge of joining the Big 10, what in the world happened to the 18 month time line? It’s all happening and changing so fast I need to stop typing this post and dig for more. I mean HOLY SHIT!


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