Koreans scare the hell out of me, No Starcraft for me thanks

I never got into Starcraft, i was more a turn based guy back in the day (Civ, Moo2, Star Control), but I knew that Korea took Starcraft seriously. I never really went out of my way to see exactly how serious, i mean insane they really are. This game is old, has terrible graphics (for today), and here is an arena full of people watching it live, like a month ago. I’ll save you watching the entire 20 min match which, as far as I can tell, features one dude fighting off a rush then destroying the bejesus out of his opponent. I was expecting the game play as being something much more epic, guess I picked the wrong match to watch. You would never know it based on the announcers.

It starts with a pan of the packed arena, goes to three, count em three commentators who spew on about some gibberish, possibly about how they plan to take over the world using robots, who knows, I don’t speak Korean. And man do they speak Korean, there is never a nano second that is not being filled with one of these dudes losing his shit. At the 11:35 mark they all erupt into a “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, that sounded like they were going to crap their pants. Um, far as I could tell a dude just sent some troops in, whopdeefreakindo. At the 17 min mark victory is assured, champagne awkwardly flows, he hugs his parents, and is lifted up as though he just won the Super Bowl. There is a shot of the loser in his little booth bawling his eyes out.

I’d short every Korean Stock the day Starcraft 2 comes out, that place is gonna shut down. I’m going to pass, beyond the fact a 4 year old Korean boy could defeat me, I am against the monetization of user content, and the use of micro transactions, and thats exactly what we are gonna see with Battle.net 2.0. Warcraft 3 was great, but the custom mods and maps were better. I am not going to give Blizzard a cut on content they did not create. I’m not going to drop 60 bucks on a game, then another 5 on a map pack, then another 40 for the expansion, another 10 for custom skins, and finally 40 for the last expansion. This needs to be stopped. Stay tuned for more.


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