Days off and grillin animals

BIALOWIEZA, POLAND - MARCH 16: Bison roam in a field as Prince Charles, Prince of Wales visits a Bison Reserve on March 16, 2010 in Bialowieza, Poland. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are on a three day trip to Poland as part of a tour of Eastern Europe that takes in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. (Photo by Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images)

There’s nothing better than grilling up some meat on the 4th. The question is which meat should you choose? Burgers and hot dogs are a no brainer, but they more or less consist of 75% of my diet as it is, and the 4th is special. I’m thinking what is the most American thing I can eat to celebrate independence? The answer is clear, Buffalo. An animal so tasty and fun to shoot we damn near wiped them off the face of the planet. Its leaner than cow and not as gamey as deer, its perfect. Kroger used to carry one pound packages from a buffalo farm in Virginia, here’s hoping they have some on the shelves on the morrow.


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