People will conterfeit anything

6,000 unlicensed Tetris games were seized while being smuggled from China to Mexico via the USA. Aren’t things in Mexico bad enough without having to deal with Tetris ripoffs?  It already took the creator of Tetris 11 years to start making money from the most addictive game of all time, why keep screwing the poor dude over (I’m sure he is no longer poor, but still).

At the same time it shows how capitalist Communist China is. Someone in one of the sprawling factory cities in China had some real vision. It can’t be an everyday event to plan smuggling electronics across the ocean. He had to have employed people that made them, the people transporting them, the people that pick them up, and the people that sell them. That’s like 20 jobs created right there! Smuggling will always be one of the truest forms of capitalism.


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