Ebanks comes back to earth, but no worries

SYRACUSE, NY - MARCH 25: Devin Ebanks #3 of the West Virginia Mountaineers drives for a shot attempt against Quincy Pondexter #20 of the Washington Huskies during the east regional semifinal of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tournament at the Carrier Dome on March 25, 2010 in Syracuse, New York. (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

Didn’t have much going on this afternoon, kid is at 4H camp, so I got home from work broke out the notebook and decided to keep a log on Ebanks game. Too bad it was one of the single worst basketball games ever played. I take the blame for it, if I had kept my notebook down I’m sure he would have scored 40. Sorry Devin, my bad. I was 100% focused on Ebanks, so if no player is mentioned, its him.

9:00 – Makes a nice entry to Character, who misses the shot, it’s always hard to tell in a Triangle O but it seems Ebanks is in the 2 spot

8:08 – Nice pass to Jabber, fails on layup

7:41 – Ugly basketball, Character picks up his second on a Strawberry made jumper

7:25 – Character grabs his 3rd foul in 2:45 of action, he’s not in control today

7:11 – Cuts to the basket, gets the pass, goes up for the dunk, and its blocked from behind. Like to see him go up stronger, at least get a foul

6:07 – Knocks the ball off the knee out of bounds of a driving Powell, shows his quick hands

4:29 – Rebound starts the break for an eventual Strawberry layup

2:21 – Character back in

2:02 – Makes a great first move, gets to the rim and gah blocked again.

26.2 – Gets the ball back from an entry to Character, drives to the bucket and is blocked AGAIN! should have been a foul on that one, but come on Devin, be strong to the hole

14.9 – Open jumper from the elbow for his first 2

1st quarter end – 1-5 from the field, 3 of his shots blocked, so nothing like we have seen in previous games. Nothing to worry about, he has the ball in his hands on every possession and would have a handful of assists if his teammates could finish. This is an ugly rock fight I would turn off in a second if Ebanks weren’t involved.


9:43 – Gets aggressive with a drive to the baseline, puts up a jumper and again blocked

8:25 – Nice D forces a bad shot

7:25 – Assist to Character on the break

3:25 – This game is so boring the announcers haven’t bothered to mention it this quarter

1:37 – Nice pass to Character, blows dunk

1:20 – Duffs a layup on the break

Worst half of basketball I have ever witnessed. Ebanks is 1-7 from the field, with 4 of those shots being blocked. Despite that he is keeping himself in the game, has the ball in his hands on every possession, is moving without the ball and making good passes. He has been in for all 20 min of the first half so that’s a great sign. Needs to be more assertive around the bucket and at least get some fouls for his efforts.

Seems to have moved to the 3, or he is starting at a different spot in the triangle, its hard to say.

5:46 – Aggressive drive to the bucket, a little out of control, bailed out with a foul, makes 1 out of 2. That’s what I want to see more of

5:04 – Another drive that earns foul shots, makes both

2:17 – Jacks up his first 3 of the game, short

4th, I guess, I’m just trying to follow Devin with absolutely no help from the announcers as to substitutions, points scored, ya know unimportant stuff like that. I know this game is as meaningful as the crap I just dug out of my toe, but could these guys at least pretend they are at least WATCHING THE GAME?

7:54 – Spin move to the bucket, missed shot

Total garbage time, no team play, guys trying to get theirs

2:20 – Missed layup


Well that game sucked for all involved, especially me. Ebanks finishes with 7 points on 2-13 from the floor, 5 rebounds an assist and a steal. I missed one basket and most of the rebounds there in my log, but the announcers never mentioned the game on the floor, and there were plenty of shots of them and whatever jerk they were interviewing during play, so that will happen. Despite not having the scoring touch today, there were still many good signs for Ebanks. Most telling, he played all but 47 seconds of the game. That leads me to believe that the word form above was to play Ebanks, Character, and any other 3 scrubs they could find.

He needs to work on finishing around the bucket, considering these games are the first time I have ever seen him dribble drive, that is to be expected. If he tried some of those moves at WVU, Huggybear would have had him on the pine pretty quickly. It will be interesting to see how Devin responds in the next game, hopefully he can find a nice mix between his jump shot and dribble drive and get back on track.

Overall, he played better than his stats indicate, he should have had 5+ assists, and its clear the Lakers are giving him a long hard look. There was not as much team play today on the Laker side, the Knicks played some solid D (probably will never be said about a Knicks team again) sealing up the area around the rim. Plenty of times Devin was standing wide open for a jumper but the big men tossed the ball up vs 5 defenders anyway, evidenced by the Knicks 11 blocked shots. He was forced to create his own shots, and he has always been better letting the game come to him. The Ebanks/Character Lakers hit the court again tomorrow at 8:30pm.

No more keeping a log for me, at least not until one of these guys starts an actual NBA game.

Lakers Vegas Summer League Games
Friday 7/9 Lakers 84, Pistons 89
Saturday 7/10 Lakers 74, Denver 92
Monday 7/12 Lakers 63, New York 71
Tuesday 7/13 8:30pm vs Sacramento
Thursday 7/14 4pm vs San Antonio


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