Where in the world is Joe Alexander?

Crowds gather around Spain's national soccer team players as they celebrate on an open-top bus during a celebration parade at Gran Via avenue, downtown Madrid, July 12, 2010. Spain stunned the Netherlands to win their first World Cup on Sunday in sensational fashion with a goal in the last minutes of extra time.  REUTERS/Sergio Perez (SPAIN - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)

I think I see him in there somewhere

Was all excited to see Joe at least suit up for the Bulls summer league team today, but Alexander is nowhere to be found. On the one hand I’m relieved, I’ve been watching too much terrible summer league ball. On the other I’m wondering what the hell is up, I planned a big ol’ blog post on his performance. As a dude with no access or connections, I have no one to call up and ask. Oh well, life goes on, Mike Gansey and the D league Select are up next!

Update: The greatest source of information in the universe, scout message boards, suggest he is not playing due to a foot injury, and will miss all the summer league games. Grumble, hope he can find a home on a roster for next year, he may be better in a private workout than on this abomination of a team the Bulls have going on, they are down by 37 with the 4th quarter yet to start. On the plus side that’s less games I feel the need to watch.


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