A look at the 2010-2011 Lakers roster

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Los Angeles Clippers guard Baron Davis battle for position in the second half of a NBA basketball game in Los Angles on October 27, 2009. The Lakers won the game 99-92. UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom

About a week ago the LA Times went over the Lakers roster, revealing that they are spending 89 million on all of 9 players. With the luxury tax kicking in at 70 million, you can inflate that figure to 108 million. Every NBA team has to have at least 13 players on the roster at the start of the season, so they need 4 more that are, how to put it, cost effective. Anything they do now essentially costs 2x what the contract is signed for when you throw in the tax.

There has been limited free agent movement on the Lakers front, Jordan Farmar will now waste space in New Jersey, and they picked up Steve Blake, who will make Derek Fisher’s regular season life much easier. They have a couple of free agents hanging out there, Shannon Brown and Josh Powell. Serviceable players, but they have years of service that would result in higher cost. EDIT: I’m an moron, under the current CBA the league actually covers the years of service cost over the minimum.

Here is what I see for next year based the most important thing, money

PG Derek Fisher/Steve Blake
SG Kobe/Sasha Vujacic
SF Ron Artest/Devin Ebanks
PF Lamar Odom/Derrick Caracter
C Pau Gasol/Andrew Bynum

Wild Card – Luke Walton, inherited all his dad’s injuries but only 70% of his skill and height, he will be on the roster on way or the other, but he may not play much.

I love that top 10. The best thing about it would be the flexibility all of those players can provide. they 3-5 spots can be interchanged almost at will without losing a beat. It will remain to be seen what they do with the final 2 spots, I see a couple of older ring hunters joining for the minimum to fill things out, which could cut into the rookies playing time.

That’s all I got on the Lakers, don’t expect much more til Ebanks signs a deal. Thanks to Lakers Universe, a treasure trove of Lakers info.

UPDATE: Lakers sign two Vets, Ebanks and Caracter next


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