Deer strikes, causes suicide

Darted fallow deer await relocation from Robben Island, off Cape Town, April 24, 2010. About 75 of the non-indigenous deer are being relocated to the Lions Rock sanctuary by the Four Paws (Vier-Pfoten) conservation group. In recent years rabbits, cats and deer have been culled to lessen the negative environmental effects to the island, a World Heritage site where former President Nelson Mandela spent much of his 27 year incarceration. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT ANIMALS)

In this neck of the woods, a motorcyclist striking a deer is unfortunatly not all that news worthy. A man found shot in the head after hitting a deer, now thats freaky.

It makes the mind race, did the gun go off when he hit the deer? Did the deer in his final act of revenge kick the gun and cause it to go off? Did someone happen along, see the incident and make it more horrible?

Alternate sources are now claiming after an autopsy, that after hitting the deer, the man shot himself. The likely story is after seeing a deer destroy his expensive piece of machinery, the guy decided he had enough and pulled the trigger. So while the deer didn’t kill him, it made him want to kill himself. After hitting a deer and seeing your valuable property that you worked your ass off for be destroyed by a random animal, I can sympathize with what was probably going through his head.

My best to the friends and family of the biker, perhaps one day we can band together and eliminate the deer scourge once and for all.


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