Senate decides crack is now only 18 times worse than cocaine

Peruvian anti-narcotics police transport bricks of confiscated cocaine at a police airport in Lima, July 12, 2010. About 1,800 kilograms of cocaine were confiscated by anti-narcotics police during operations that led to the detention of one Bolivian and eight Peruvian citizens at the cities of Moquegua and Arequipa, police said. REUTERS/Mariana Bazo (PERU - Tags: CRIME LAW POLITICS SOCIETY)

Just a few days ago crack was considered to be 100x worse than cocaine when it came time for criminal sentencing. Today, it is only 18x worse. 500 grams of coke will land you 5 years in jail, and all of you will be pleased to know that you now have to carry 28 grams of crack to get the same sentence, up from a measly 5 grams.

Democrats are patting themselves on the back, from Huffington Post: “We always know that we have work to do,” said Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.), “but the fact is that we have done something now that we never have been able to achieve before — to close that disparity gap, which is really important to all our communities… This is a big deal.”

Um, why exactly? Who was walking around yesterday worried about the sentencing gap between crack and cocaine? Even the crackheads could care less, all they want is more crack. Yes, more minorities get sentenced for crack, but are you really going to tell me that reducing the sentencing for crack is good for African Americans? Sorry you have been unfairly targeted, but now when you smoke crack you won’t go to jail for as long. You are still throwing drug users in jail, not sending them to proper rehab facilities. You are not dealing with the real problem, a lack of economic opportunity. Exactly nothing was achieved, just another day on Capitol Hill.

Now if the CIA admitted they flooded the inner cities with crack in the 1980s, THAT would be a “big deal”.


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