The Samsung Intercept is pretty freaking awesome

I made the plunge yesterday into the andorid world and picked up a Samsung Intercept on the Sprint Network from the local Radio Shack. I gotta say that right now I feel down right cybernetic. Here are my impressions after a day of use.

What I love

Streaming Pandora wherever I happen to be
On the ride to work this morning I rocked out to my Medeski, Martin, and Wood station, never a stutter.

The Video
By using the simple and free Handbrake program, I can take any video and turn it into a 240×400 mp4 that the Intercept can natively play. For pure entertainment I took the 2008 Fiesta Bowl DVD and tossed it on the phone. The file size is large, about 500 megs per 40 minutes of video, but holy crap does it look good.

Opera Mini Browser
My first Android App, I’m astounded how it takes any page and compresses it so well for easy viewing. I’ve used a few phones stock browsers and was never impressed. Opera Mini actually shows the page as it is, only tiny, you can then zoom and look around anywhere you please. It’s still not quite browsing on a desktop, but its as close as it gets.

I load up google maps then it puts a little blue arrow where I am, it found me at home, it found me at work, very nifty. It also makes me want to put on a tin foil hat.

Android Apps
I have hardly begun to scratch the surface, so many free apps to try, its unfortunate I need sleep or I would have tried more. I can’t wait to download and try out some games.

What I hate

The 3.5 MM headset jack
It is 3.5 mm wide but not as deep as a standard headphone jack, so I have to go and buy a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm adapter, stupid. eidt: well it does work with headphones, but tends to make pandora crash when i put them in mid song, that still sucks. The adapter I speak of is to add a mic to any set of headphones

Windows 7 64 bit hates it
My main computer uses Windows 7 64 bit, and it refuses to recognize the phone. I was able to get everything working on an older XP machine, then when I came top work today I discovered it also works fine on Win 7 32. Going to try running XP mode in 7/64 when I get home and see if that does the trick.

Using it as a phone is about the dumbest thing you can do with it
When used as an actual phone its not comfortable, and manages to pick up a ton of invisible grease from my face. I did the activation phone call in my million degree car right after I bought the phone and thought I would short the thing out with sweat, so I also need to invest in a blue tooth.

Supports a 32 GB micro SD, comes with a 2GB
Come on, at least give me an 8 gigger to start out with, so much to try and so little space. Another thing I need to buy, problem is the 32GBs are running about a 100 bucks, so I’ll prob get a 16 that is closer to 30.


All in all about 18 hours after purchase I’m very pleased. Its not the biggest baddest or fastest, but it gets the job done. Most of the issues I have with the phone will be solved with money and more fiddling, you’ll have that I suppose. I have not even begun to figure out exactly what this thing can do, I can feel it attaching itself to my cerebral cortex, it totally made me forget to eat dinner last night. Resistance is futile.


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  1. 12 says:


    damn the things i can do with it lol

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