How I finally got the Samsung Intercept to connect to Windows 7 64 bit

After a couple of weeks of fighting I finally got my Samsung Intercept to connect to Windows 7 64. Problem is I’m not exactly sure why the heck its working, I just know it is. Here is how I (somehow) did it.

First I tried to use Win 7’s XP mode, which was a total failure. The Windows stock Virtual PC cannot control any devices, it just reads them as belonging to the real computer. After a lot of searching I found the open source Oracle Virtual Box, which is Windows Virtual PC on crack. With Virtual Box, you can mount any number of operating systems to play around with. As a bonus it has the capability to see external devices as its own. All you need is an install disk for your operating system of choice. I had gotten the Intercept to work with both XP and 7 32 bit, so I chose to install a Win 7 32 virtual machine.

For all the specifics on how to install a virtual operating system in Virtual Box, read the user manual. Its large and technical, but skimming the first two chapters should tell you all you need to know to get started. The short version, you set up a partition for your virtual machine, you then “boot” the virtual machine with the install disk of your operating system of choice. You then go through all the normal installation steps, and bingo-bango you now have a virtual copy of XP/7/whatever.

Here is where things get hazy. I was under the impression that the virtual machine would be where I would see the phone. However for mysterious reasons, suddenly the phone now gives me the option to mount and my main Windows 7 64 has no problem letting me into the phones drive!

I don’t know why. I can close the virtual machine and still have access when I plug in. I wish I knew what the heck was going on and how a virtual 32 bit 7 convinced a real 64 bit 7 that the Intercept is OK, but I do not. All I know is that Virtual Box somehow worked for me, perhaps it can work for you. Other than that Virtual Box is a nifty tool I should have had long ago. Good luck!

UPDATE: I wrote this a couple months ago and while it did work, I have a funny feeling that its all just pure luck as to if Windows will bother to recognize the phone. I have computers it works fine on and some that refuse to see the phone no matter what I do. The whole key is to just keep trying, something will work eventually. If all else fails get an app like SwiFTP and move on with your life.


4 Responses to How I finally got the Samsung Intercept to connect to Windows 7 64 bit

  1. Eric M says:

    I got mine to work by using a 2-dollar usb cable from I went to their store and picked up a few USB to Mini-B cables for use at work, in the car, etc. I happen to have 4 of the cables from Samsung and not a one of them work with Windows-7 64bit. The generic cable from PCHCABLES works as well as the cable from my kids Blackberry 8530 phone.

    Pretty amazing and Samsung doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

    • Ken Price says:

      excellent advice. USB cable contains 4 wires, 2 for 5V DC + and -, one for data and one ground. The samsung cable is so tiny I can’t imagine how thin the 4 wires inside are. So thin in fact, I speculate the 5V DC drowns out the data to the point where Windows can’t see it.

      I still have no clue what happened, but I can still read the device on my machine. It could have been the VM, it could have been a fluke, I have no idea.

  2. chelita says:

    I just bought the Samsung Intercept for Virgin Mobile.

    Initially, I was able to connect via usb mode on my desktop for a month. Then, after two days of using my laptop, the usb mode stopped working and only displayed charging mode.
    My laptop is running Win7 64x and my desktop WinXP SP3.

    I called Samsung, thinking that I needed a driver. I was informed that I needed to (1) Buy another Samsung brand usb cord because mine was “defective” (2) To test my usb cord on another Intercept. Realizing the problem wasn’t with my cord, but a driver, I called back and got a semicompentent person who sent me the url of the driver. Unfortunately, the driver isn’t compatable with Win7 64bit and won’t allow you to run it.

    I’m tempted to just return my phone.
    Thanks for this method though; it looks promising.

  3. Jive Master says:

    I was able to get my Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept working with Windows 7 64-bit on USB with the Standard cable that ships with the phone. I MUST have been LUCKY… 🙂

    Here is what I had, and maybe it might help out people having issues:

    (a) Laptop: Samsung RF510 (purely a coincidence, trust me!)

    (b) OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate (Brand new install over the Windows 7 Home Premium that shipped with the laptop).

    (c) Connecting using USB 3.0 port (That possibly may be the biggest factor.)

    After reading all the issues on various sites, I did not have much hope. In fact, it did not work with Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) that I have at work.

    I was only connecting to charge the phone and voila, Windows 7 recognized it as SAMSUNG_Android device and was able mount the SD Card.

    Let me know, if it helps.

    Jive Master

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