Arm and Hammer Essentials cat litter smells fantastic, but will my cat use it?

Went to the ol’ Walmart today in search of cat litter. As fate would have it, on the way I heard an ad on the radio for Arm and Hammer Essentials, cat litter that uses 100% corn fiber husks and baking soda. Call me a sucker for advertising, but I was intrigued at there perhaps being an advance in cat litter technology. When I was in the litter aisle, I happened to spot a bag for 7 bucks, way more than Special Kitty but in line with all the other major brands.

When I got home and opened the bag I was in for a surprise. The A&H litter smells fantastic. It was as though I transported to a field of West Virginia wildflowers covered in baking soda. In disbelief I gave it another full drag so my nostrils could enjoy the amazing. After I dumped it into the litterbox my entire house began to smell of a bed of flowers, as opposed to the normal smoke, BO and cat. The A&H litter is not tiny rocks, it looks exactly like birdseed.

But the million dollar question, will my animal use it? Normally every time I change the litter the first thing she does is go and do her best to foul to box. This time was no different, lets have a look…

The test subject, my animal, Cali

After I had the new litter in the box, her curiosity is peeked

She sees the new litter and begins the smell test

I’m thinking she digs it, as she proceeds to stick her head in the bag for a big whiff

She’s in and starts to do her thang

And then Success! I didn’t take a picture of her in the act, I’m pretty sure she would kill me in my sleep.

A content cat with an empty bladder

So the new litter has worked for us, and I suggest you should try it if only for the heavenly aroma. The bag also claims to last twice as long as traditional litter, time will tell on that front.


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