What a tangled web we weave when we enter multiple Fantasy Football leagues

It is the greatest time of the year, week one of the NFL starts tomorrow, and will drag out until the late hours of Monday. This year is special for me, its the first time I have entered more than one Fantasy Football League. The previous seven years I have kept my fantasy skills confined to the relative safety of the Morgantown Football League where I happen to be the commissioner. After bringing home my first Championship last season, I decided it was time to take on the world. Somehow I ended up in 3 leagues this season.

My Teams

Morgantown Football League (MFL)
QB Jay Cutler
RB Adrian Peterson
RB Cedric Benson
WR Greg Jennings
WR Wes Welker
WR Malcom Floyd
TE Visanthe Shiancoe
K Adam Vinitari
D Green Bay

Fantasy Football in the Morg
QB Matt Schaub
RB Michael Turner
RB Shonn Greene
WR DeSean Jackson
WR Hines Ward
WR Mike Simms-Walker
TE Owen Daniels
K Rob Bironas
D NY Giants

SBN Pittsburgh
QB Carson Palmer
RB Rashard Mendenhall
RB LeSean McCoy
WR Reggie Wayne
WR Chad Ochocinco
Flex Hines Ward
TE Jason Witten
K Sabastian Janakowski
D Tennessee

Week one conflicts

Where to start, the most obvious is that in the SBN league I will be facing the leagues commissioner. I want to make a good first impression, perhaps strike fear into the hearts of my future opponents. It just so happens he has my QB (Cutler) and RB (AP) from the MFL. In the MFL I am facing my most hated rival, one of my oldest friends in week 1. This is a game that is an absolute must win and has a tendency to set the tone for the entire season. How can you root Cutler and AP to score enough to win in the MFL but not destroy me in the SBN?

Pittsburgh Steelers Hines Wards laugh after teasing Troy Polamalu about his hair on the sidelines of the pre-season game with the Carolina Panthers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 2, 2010. The Head and Shoulders shampoo company has recently insured the player hair for one million dollars.  UPI/Archie Carpenter Photo via Newscom

Then we have my favorite Steeler of all time Mr. Hines Ward. I managed to grab him up in two of three leagues, but it wasn’t quite enough. I’ll be up in the ‘burgh for week one, personally watching over my Steeler fantasy players, but naturally in the one league I don’t have Hines, the MFL, he will be on the the side of my most hated foe, smiling as always. A Hines TD could well mean victory in two leagues I want to win but have no real emotional attachment to (yet) and defeat in the league I hold dearest to my heart.

When you have one team everything is a very comfortable black or white. Every now and then you need a big performance from a player against your favorite team, or perhaps you would prefer another guy to score as opposed to someone your opponent is starting. Other than that you are safe rooting for your 8 guys and forsaking all others.

With 3 teams I will have to learn to get over myself, every week is going to present these ethical dilemmas. I guess that now I am rooting for every NFL game to end with the score of 56-48, hoping that my guys score one more than my 3 fantasy opponents.

The true test will be exactly how much of my hair turns white during what promises to be the most insane season of Fantasy Football I have ever played.


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