Andy Reid is full of crap, he cleared Kolb, not the doctors

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid shouts at officials while playing against the Green Bay Packers during the third quarter of NFL football action in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

It has been an exciting week of football, I went up to Heinz Field and watched some insanity. By the time I got home I sat back and watched the Cowboys blow it, the perfect weekend. The one story I just can’t stop thinking of is Coach Andy Reid, apparently having no care for his players brains, sent two guys back into an NFL game after having suffered concussions. One of them was even “the future” of the franchise starting QB Kevin Kolb! The other, linebacker Stewart Bradley, got rocked so hard he fell over onto the turf after trying to get up.

Coach Reid claims that both players were looked at by the doctors and cleared to play. I say bullshit. If this is the case both of those doctors need to have all medical credentials stripped, and be tossed out onto the street. I’m thinking the coach asked Kolb and Bradley if they were good to go, and football players who know they are one play from losing their job, said yes sir. Reid probably then sauntered over to the doctors, whose employ is probably on his sole discretion, and said “they are fine, clear em”. To which they said sir yes sir!

I understand Coach Reid is probably feeling some heat after letting McNabb go to a division rival and putting his future in the hands of a talented unknown. When faced with the prospect of a healthy Vick and a groggy Kolb, Reid chose Kolb. Even after Vick came in and gave the Eagles a chance to win, Reid still insists its is groggy Kolb that will start next week if “cleared”. I have seen too many times quarterbacks come back to play too fast after suffering a concussion. They claim to be healthy, but end up being changed less effective quarterbacks. Bringing Kolb back next week would show that Coach Reid has no real concern over the long term health of his QB of the future and wants nothing more than to be proven right for letting McNabb go.

There are so many things we do not know about brain injuries, but what little we do know is terrifying. That is the problem, even with the excellent work being done at the West Virgina University Brain Injury Institute, there is still not nearly enough to get old salt coaches from the era of “He just got his bell rung, get him back out there” to understand the long term effects of their decision.

So Coach Reid, man up, reports are already conflicting. It is possible Bradley slipped back into the game and Reid was covering for him. With Kolb it was either the Coach or the doctors that messed up. At the very least they need to hold Kolb out next week, groggy gun shy quarterbacks don’t win games.

disclaimer: I hate the Eagles, and I don’t have Vick on any fantasy team. After Mike Webster/Chris Benoit/Chris Henry I just wonder how long it will take for coaches to wake up to how serious these injuries are.


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