How I finally got the Samsung Intercept to connect to Windows 7 64 bit

August 26, 2010

After a couple of weeks of fighting I finally got my Samsung Intercept to connect to Windows 7 64. Problem is I’m not exactly sure why the heck its working, I just know it is. Here is how I (somehow) did it.

First I tried to use Win 7’s XP mode, which was a total failure. The Windows stock Virtual PC cannot control any devices, it just reads them as belonging to the real computer. After a lot of searching I found the open source Oracle Virtual Box, which is Windows Virtual PC on crack. With Virtual Box, you can mount any number of operating systems to play around with. As a bonus it has the capability to see external devices as its own. All you need is an install disk for your operating system of choice. I had gotten the Intercept to work with both XP and 7 32 bit, so I chose to install a Win 7 32 virtual machine.

For all the specifics on how to install a virtual operating system in Virtual Box, read the user manual. Its large and technical, but skimming the first two chapters should tell you all you need to know to get started. The short version, you set up a partition for your virtual machine, you then “boot” the virtual machine with the install disk of your operating system of choice. You then go through all the normal installation steps, and bingo-bango you now have a virtual copy of XP/7/whatever.

Here is where things get hazy. I was under the impression that the virtual machine would be where I would see the phone. However for mysterious reasons, suddenly the phone now gives me the option to mount and my main Windows 7 64 has no problem letting me into the phones drive!

I don’t know why. I can close the virtual machine and still have access when I plug in. I wish I knew what the heck was going on and how a virtual 32 bit 7 convinced a real 64 bit 7 that the Intercept is OK, but I do not. All I know is that Virtual Box somehow worked for me, perhaps it can work for you. Other than that Virtual Box is a nifty tool I should have had long ago. Good luck!

UPDATE: I wrote this a couple months ago and while it did work, I have a funny feeling that its all just pure luck as to if Windows will bother to recognize the phone. I have computers it works fine on and some that refuse to see the phone no matter what I do. The whole key is to just keep trying, something will work eventually. If all else fails get an app like SwiFTP and move on with your life.


The Samsung Intercept is pretty freaking awesome

August 10, 2010

I made the plunge yesterday into the andorid world and picked up a Samsung Intercept on the Sprint Network from the local Radio Shack. I gotta say that right now I feel down right cybernetic. Here are my impressions after a day of use.
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Where my cat goes when she dreams

June 30, 2010

Took a long time to get my animal to stop messing with the cords behind my computer. When she was a kitten I was convinced I’d come home to BBQ kitty after she broke through and got a taste of 120. In a way I should thank her, it made me organize, use cable ties, and make my setup look a little nicer. With nothing loose to muck with she eventually broke the habit and I haven’t seen her mess with any cords for a while. I imagine this is where she goes in her dreams.

Its low voltage so its probably ok via NFPA, but I doubt OSHA would be pleased.

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